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Review: Soap & Glory, Flake Away

28 Sep

Many beauty guru have been talking about the brand Soap & Glory, and it seems like most of the reviews are positive, but we do not have them here in Hong Kong. So I was looking forward to visiting Boots in Bangkok and get my hands on some of Soap & Glory’s products.

I have been looking for a body scrub to replace my favourite St. Ives In-shower Exfoliating Body Polish, which had been sadly discontinued. I tried the Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Body Scrub, and I really hate it. When the body scrub touches my hair, they leave my hair feeling dry and I could not comb through. It also leave my skin feeling weird, not oily but you feel like there’s a film on my skin. So I went a little crazy with body scrub, and let’s start with Flake Away first.

Soap & Glory Flake Away

Soap & Glory Flake Away (395 THB)
* Bought them when they had a Buy-1-Get-1-Free offer. 

Soap & Glory Flake Away (Close-up)

The body polish is pretty thick and feels grainy, but not harsh at all. Just rub the product into your skin, and the grains will dissolve gradually. The smell is amazing too!

After washing off the body polish, the skin feels very smooth and soft. My skin feels moisturized too, you don’t really need to apply body lotion, unless you have super dry skin.

I would definitely recommend buying this, especially when they are doing a special offer!

Empties #1

22 Jun

I have been seeing a lot of “Empties” videos on YouTube, so I thought I might also do a blog post about my recent empties.

Recent Empties

[From left to right]
St. Ives In-shower Exfoliating Body Polish 
Bioderma Sensibio H20  
 Koji Dolly Wink Long Masacara 

All 3 products are my favourite. I have done a full review on Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 and Dolly Wink’s long mascara, and I have already bought back-ups, so I’m still using these 2 products on a daily basis!

As for St. Ives’ body polish, I really like it, but it has been discontinued!!! I don’t really know how to describe its texture, it’s not a gel texture nor a cream texture. It’s a bit difficult to dig out from the tube, but once you start rubbing the product on your skin, it will melt and give your skin a gentle scrub. I use it once or twice a week, and every time after using this body polish, my skin feels very soft and smooth. I’m really upset when I found out this product is discontinued, especially it’s a really great product! St Ives is one of my favourite drugstore brands, I have used their body lotion, facial scrub and facial wash, and they are all affordable and of good quality, but sadly they decided not to continue producing body scrub. I have already bought a new body scrub, which I will talk more about it in my upcoming body care routine post.

Review: Naris Up, Marine Collagen Skin Moisturizing Lotion

8 Apr

I heard about this product from one of my favourite beauty gurus, Michelle Phan. She used this skin moisturizing lotion to DIY her own cotton mask. I later realize that this product is sold in Hong Kong and it can be used as a toner too. As I didn’t like the previous toner (Senka Skin Lotion) I was using, so I decided to try this out.

Naris Up Skin Conditioner (Front)

Naris Up Marine Collagen Skin Moisturizing Lotion (HKD$45)

Naris Up Skin Conditioner (Back)

Naris Up Marine Collagen Skin Moisturizing Lotion (Back)

To be honest, I don’t really feel like any toner that I have used so far does wonders on my face, and I don’t know how effective they are on my skin, but since many people say it’s necessary to apply toner before putting on other skincare products, I’m still using toner, which I think it’s more an excuse to try and buy different products.

As a toner, I don’t really like this product, because I don’t feel the effect on my skin and the finishing touch. It doesn’t have much scent, but I can feel a slight touch of alcohol.

Although I don’t like using it as a toner, it’s a great product as a hydrating mask. I have nose allergy, so when the situation is a bit serious, the tip of my nose gets really dry because of the intense rubbing by facial tissues. And even if you use the softest tissues, your nose will still get super dry and skin will start to peel off. So when those days came and I had to go for a job interview the other day, I decided to soak a cotton pad with the skin moisturizing lotion and rest it on the tip of my nose for around 3 minutes, and very surprisingly my nose became very hydrated and I didn’t have any problem with skin peeling off.

So nowadays when I suddenly want a quick hydrating mask, I soak a compressed facial mask with the skin moisturizing lotion and leave it on for 3 minutes. I then pad the product into my skin, and continue with my regular skincare routine.

I do like to use it as a hydrating mask or an emergency facial mask, and will consider repurchasing it once I run out of it. Considering the price and the amount you get, I think it’s good to have it in your skincare collection. I bought mine at Sasa, and Naris Up actually has other skin moisturizing lotions with different effects, so you can choose the one that suits your skin type.

You can also check out Michelle’s video and see her detailed demonstration: http://www.michellephan.com/post/diy-cotton-mask-tutorial-bonus-pics-and-instructions

Review: Cetaphil, Gentle Skin Cleanser

17 Feb

After finish using my Yes To Carrots daily cream cleanser, I had to look for a new facial cleanser, because I don’t think the Yes to Carrots’ line is sold in Hong Kong. Since coming back home, my skin started to break out and have rashes, especially on my cheek; so when I saw people recommending Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleaner for sensitive skin, I decided to give it a try. I saw them at Watson’s, and it was sold at HKD$79.9 for 237mL. However I went to a local pharmacy and found that they were sold at a cheaper price, so definitely check out your local pharmacy instead of the chained ones.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (Front view)

Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser HKD$68

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (Back view)

Description on the back of the bottle

When I first poured the cleanser out, I was expecting the texture to be thicker, but it was more like a liquid gel. The cleanser is fragrance-free and colour-free. After using it for the first time, my skin felt clean and softer, and it didn’t make my skin feel tight and dry.

I have been using it for a week already. Not sure if it’s because I switched to this product or it’s just because my skin is recovering itself, my skin is back to normal now, and has become softer too.

This cleanser is relatively cheap and very gentle to your skin. However, there is one downside: the cleanser doesn’t come with a pump, so it isn’t that convenient to use and it’s hard to control the amount being poured out each time. On their website, the photo shows that their products do come with a pump, so I’m guessing it’s just because I bought the 237mL one, instead of the 473mL, which was the one shown on the website.

One more thing to add: on its website, it says that the cleanser is great for daily makeup removal; however I’m a bit skeptical about that. I tried to remove the make-up swatches on the back of my hand, but it didn’t remove much. Therefore, I will never use this product as a make-up remover.

P.S. I later found them sold even cheaper at the beauty retail store Bonjour, I think it was around HKD$60.

Review: Revlon, ColourBurst Lip Butter, Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie & Pink Truffle

3 Feb

I finally bought the Revlon Lip Butter. It’s a rare purchase for me, because I don’t wear lip stick at all, I only put lip balm; however, recently I am looking for a tinted lip balm. 2 months ago, I bought the Mentholatum Water Colour Vintage Pink (01) (HK$26.0), and it was a total disappointment, because the colour looks weird on my lips and it doesn’t feel comfortable, it made my lips dry and flaky. I also thought of buying Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm, but I heard that they don’t worth for the price, so I was a bit hesitant.

As I saw so many good reviews about the Revlon Lip Butter, I decided to go for it. I heard that they are always out of stock in the States, but I don’t think they are that popular in Hong Kong. I easily found them at one of the Watson’s stores. I didn’t want to buy a lot, because I’m not sure if I would like them and I’m not sure if these products suit me. I checked out all the colours and in the end I chose Peach Parfait (025).

They were originally HKD$98, but for some reasons, they were sold at a discounted price today. After paying, I was tempted to buy a second one, but I decided to try out this one before deciding whether I want to get another one.

Revlon's Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter Peach Parfait (025) (HKD$78.4)

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter Peach Parfait in the tube

The packaging is nice and decent, and I like how they named their products, sweet and cute. Some people commented on the clear top, which allows you to see the lip colour; however I still think the colour you see doesn’t always reflect how it looks on your lips.

Swatch: Revlon's Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Swatch: Peach Parfait (025)

Peach Parfait was a bit lighter than I thought, I had to put a few coats on before the colour showed up on my hand. I actually don’t think the colour is very peachy; on my lips they look like a coral colour, in between peach and pink with lots of golden sparkles. The lip butter glides on smoothly and it’s moisturizing, but I don’t think it lasts long. If your lips are really dry, I suggest applying lip balm beforehand, because they are not super moisturizing, not hydrating enough for those who have chapped lips. The colour looks okay on my lips, but I really didn’t like the sparkles, they weren’t super glittery, but you can see tons of sparkles when you look closer.

Overall, I would say it’s worth buying if you are looking for a product to add a bit of colour on your lips, the price is very reasonable and the quality is pretty good. I might buy one or two more colours and update later.

Update (7/2/2012):

Went to Watson’s and got another one, Berry Smoothie (050). This time I finally saw the little tag which says 20% off, so again I got it for HKD$78.4, a really good bargain.

Revlon's Lip Butter Berry Smoothie

Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter Berry Smoothie (050) (HKD$78.4)

This colour is more pigmented and less shimmery; the texture, of course, is buttery and it glides on easily. Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie look pretty similar when applied on my hand, but on my lips, I like Berry Smoothie more, because this berry-pink colour looks better and I like how it doesn’t have that much sparkles in it.

Swatch: Revlon's Lip Butter Berry Smoothie

Swatch: Berry Smoothie (050)

Update (30/4/2012): 

Was randomly hanging in Watson’s and saw a 25% off discount sign for Revlon’s Lip Butter. After swatching a few different colours on my hand, I decided to get Pink Truffle (01), and it was only HKD$73.5.

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter Pink Truffle

Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter Pink Truffle (01) (HKD$73.5)

When I first saw the colour, I thought it might be too dark for me. However, when I swatched it on my hand, it wasn’t that bad, and on my lips, it actually looks very natural.

Swatch: Revlon's Lip Butter Pink Truffle

Swatch: Pink Truffle (01)

It’s kinda of hard to describe Pink Truffle, I would say it’s a plumy pink with a brown undertone. It is a nude colour and because it doesn’t have glitter, so it’s great for everyday wear.

Swatch: Peach Parfait (top), Pink Truffle (middle), Berry Smoothie (bottom)

Swatch comparison (From top to bottom): Peach Parfait, Pink Truffle, Berry Smoothie 

The three colours might look very similar when applied on my hand, but on my lips they are completely different. Peach Parfait is peachy coral colour and it is very shimmery, not my favourite because of the glitter and the colour doesn’t look very flattering on me. Pink Truffle has a brown undertone, it is less shimmery than the other two and is great for everyday wear. Berry Smoothie is a berry-pink colour, looks bright on my lips with a bit of shimmer, so it’s great if I want to give my lips a pop of colour.


  1. It’s hard to take the lid off, even when I use both my hands. Well, maybe for some people it’s a good thing, because the lid won’t easily come off when you put it in your bag. However, I found it a bit inconvenient, especially I’m used to using one hand to take the lid off.
  2. I think it’s because the product itself is very buttery and soft, so when you pull out too much product and then twist it back into the tube, the mouth of the tube will get a bit messy. The lip butter itself can easily break in the middle, so do take good of it, and try not to leave it under the sun. My Pink Truffle broke in less than a month I got it.
  3. Sometimes my lip becomes flaky and skin starts to peel. Not sure what causes that, because it doesn’t happen all the time, but I guess I won’t recommend these lip butters to people who have dry lips.

Current Favourite: Berry Smoothie (050), Pink Truffle (01)

Review: Bioderma, Sensibio H20

6 Jan

I don’t really wear make-up on an everyday basis, because I’m such a lazy person, so I sometimes go out without putting any make-up nor sunscreen. When I do put make-up on, I just get a tiny bit of foundation to cover up some blemishes and redness spots on my face, apply some blush, and occasionally use mascara or eyeliner. I only put full make-up when I go to some special events, which only happens a few times a year. When I just have a bit of foundation and blush on, I don’t really use my make-up remover, because they easily come off when I use my facial cleanser to wash my face at night, and I’m just too lazy to do an extra step before I take a bath. As I don’t use make-up remover that often, I don’t feel like I need to buy those more expensive make-up removal products.

However, I really didn’t like my previous make-up remover, which is the Mandom Cleaning Express (Moist). I bought it because people have been raving about Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 and they said it’s the cheaper version of Bioderma. At first, I did think it’s okay, it doesn’t make my skin itchy, though I always feel like I need to rinse my face with water after using it. However, if you have eye make-up on, this product doesn’t do anything. I usually place the cotton pad on my eyes for a while before I wipe off my eye make-up, but it hurts my eyes every single time, and it doesn’t remove all my eye-make up!

When I went back to Hong Kong, Mannings was doing a promotion. The Bioderma Christmas Set was HKD$299, which comes with 500mL, 250mL and 100mL each. I really want to throw away my Mandom one, so I decided to buy this set and give it a try.

Bioderma Sensibio H20

I don’t have a photo of the whole set, so I can only show you the 250mL one. 

Result of using Bioderma H2O to remove my eye make-up (1st wipe)

Using Beioderma Sensibio H2O to remove Dolly Wink mascara (1st wipe: mostly removed)

I have to say I love this product so much. It doesn’t irritate my skin, my skin feels clean after using it and I don’t need to use water to rinse my face afterwards. Most importantly, it removes all my make-up, including waterproof eye-make up like Majolica Majorca mascara. I just need to place the cotton pad on my eyes for a while, and everything comes off easily.

Mandom’s products, of course, are much cheaper, I guess it costs around HK60 for 340mL. However, I don’t think you can call it as the cheaper version of Bioderma’s. Mandom’s products do not remove my eye make-up and it irritates my eyes! It’s okay to use on other parts of your face, but it doesn’t make your skin feel super clean.

I don’t like to use cleansing oil or gel-based make-up remover, I prefer water-based ones, so I guess Bioderma’s product suits me. It’s going to take me a long time to finish all 3 bottles, but I am definitely going to repurchase it when I run out of them.

P.S. I used Kiss Me Mascara today, and it took me a long time to remove it completely with Bioderma. It works really well with Majolica Majorca mascara and Dolly Wink mascara though.

Review: Koji Dolly Wink, Long Mascara BK with limited eyeliner

5 Dec

Update (15 Nov 2013): Dolly Wink has recently reformulated their mascara and changed the packaging. Pretty sure the brush is now different, but not sure about the performance of the new formulation. Shall try it once I finish up my current mascara!

Many YouTube beauty guru have been talking about Dolly Wink’s products; however, I couldn’t find them in Sydney, and I guess even if I find them, they will be pretty expensive. I waited until I got back to Hong Kong, and went to Sasa to get them. However, the store nearest to my home didn’t have the Dolly Wink eyeliner; instead they only had the Dolly Wink mascara with a free limited eyeliner. At first, I didn’t buy that set, because I don’t really like putting mascara on; however, after searching in 2 or 3 Sasa stores, I decided to get them, because the eyeliner itself is sold at HKD$105 at CitySuper, whereas for HKD$125, you get the mascara and the eyeliner, so why not?!

Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara BK With Free Limited Eyeliner

Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara BK with free Limited Eyeliner (HKD$125)

The pink packaging is cute. The mascara brush is pretty standard, nothing special about it. I actually like the Majolica Majorca mascara’s brush, it can easily catch up the lower lashes, and it doesn’t really clump but it does smudge a bit. This brush is okay to me, I hold it vertically to catch the inner upper lashes or the outer upper lashes, because my lashes are very short. From the photo below, you can see there are a lot of fibres, so it really extends my eyelashes and it doesn’t smudge nor clump at all! One thing to note though, the fibres do fall out after some time.

Koji Dolly Wink Long Mascara BK

The free limited eyeliner that comes with the mascara is the main focus! The brush is very thin and precise; however I guess I’m used to my old eyeliner (K-Palette 1 day tattoo eyeliner), so I can’t really control this new eyeliner brush. Although I’m still learning how to control my new eyeliner, I prefer the Dolly Wink eyeliner over the K-Palette one, mainly because the Dolly Wink one lasts longer and the colour is more solid.

Koji Dolly Wink Eyeliner

I still love my Majolica Majorca mascara, and still using my K-Palette eyeliner, but Dolly Wink’s mascara and eyeliner have become my favourite! Definitely going to buy another set as back-up!

P.S. I once had the Dolly Wink Mascara on for 15 hours, and I didn’t have panda eyes at all. However, I was applying my mascara one day, and my eye was itchy and tears started to pour out, it completely washed off all the mascara I have applied earlier, so maybe it’s not waterproof.

Review: Yes to Carrots, Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

11 Nov

It’s my first time using Yes to Carrots’ products. I saw a lot of people saying good things about their products, saying their products are mostly natural and the effects are good. I was running out of facial cleanser, and couldn’t get the one I was using in Australia, so I decided to get their facial cleanser and give it try.

Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

Yes to Carrots’ Daily Cream Facial Cleanser (AUD$11.99)

Description: Smooth, richly creamy and decadent no, we’re not talking about chocolate!– the Yes To Carrots Cream Cleanser gently cleanses and nourishes your beautiful skin. 96% natural and made with organic carrots, aloe vera and shea butter, it is the “cream” of the crop in facial cleansing luxury. So go on, go decadent, you deserve it!

The Yes To company has different brands, and I think the Yes to Carrots fit my skin the best, because my skin occasionally gets a bit dry, so I want something more moisturizing. I think the product is doing a good job keeping my skin hydrated after each usage and refreshed, but other than that, the product doesn’t do anything else. Well, I think it’s good enough, because that’s what it claims to do. I’m used to using foaming facial cleanser, and was expecting foams when I first used it; but I completely forgot it’s a creamy facial cleanser. After using for nearly 2 months, I actually like the creamy texture.

Not sure if I’m going to repurchase it or not, I might want to try out new products. Anyway, two points to note though when you buy the product. It’s more expensive to get it in Australia. According to the company’s official website, it’s only USD7.99, so it’s so much cheaper in the US. Another thing is, remember to compare prices before you get them in Australia, the prices vary greatly, I found it really expensive at Coles.