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Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Beach

16 Nov

I first heard of this annual event at one of my lectures; the lecturer was explaining how to organize an event, and how a local event become a popular annual event, and he used the Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi as an example. Since then, I have been looking forward to this event.

In fact, I went to Bondi Beach 2 weeks ago, however my friends were not so interested in the sculptures, and so I only got to see around 10 of them. As a result, I decided to come back myself to enjoy all the art work! The weather was so good, enjoying the sea breeze under a hot day. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was getting tanned, I just easily get sunburnt! I didn’t take a lot of photos and I don’t remember what their names are, but please enjoy the photos!

Sea breeze

Love the contrast between red (nail) and blue (sky)!

A red nail on the rock

One of the popular ones there! A skeleton overlooking Bondi Beach!

Skeleton over looking Bondi!

Another very popular one and one of my favourite! Huge water tap on the grass! How cool is that!

Water tap!

Love how this artwork is placed. It looks as if the man is looking at the sea from his window at home, with his pet sitting right next to him.

One of my favourite! At first I didn’t realize it was one of the sculptures, luckily I heard people talking about it. By the way, when you walk down the stairs, there isn’t anything else to see though.

Funny sign!

Old man and woman with toads

For some reasons, I really like the nails lying on the sand.

Nails on sand

I remember this sculpture has a really cute name!

Do you want to watch this old-fashioned TV or the sea view?!

Old style T

Or do you want to play golf?!

Golf course by the sea

I guess this Xmas reindeer is definitely feeling the heat!


I nearly missed out this one, didn’t really notice it. It would be perfect if this was really my home. Best sea view!

Perfect home!

Italian Coca Cola

A submarine or a shark?!

Shark submarine

Huge wine bottle

One of the popular ones. You will see a lot of people trying to imitate them.

Watch out! Lions at Bondi!

Beware! Lions!

I stopped at San Churro’s before I took the bus back to Bondi Junction. The chocolate hazelnut was very delicious and rich, but it was melting and the staff didn’t pour the drink into the cup properly, so I ended up having chocolate on my white T-shirt…

San Churro's Chocolate Hazelnut

Definitely enjoyable to look at those sculptures! However, it is really crowded even though I was there on Tuesday afternoon. Anyway, do check it out, still a few days to go until 20th November 2011.

Official website: http://www.sculpturebythesea.com/exhibitions/bondi.aspx

Floriade 2011, Canberra

21 Sep

I guess the last time I went to Canberra was 10 years ago, but I completely don’t remember how Canberra looks like, and I have no idea where my mom put the photos we took, so I have no way to recall everything that happened during my trip years ago in Australia.

I have been looking forward to this event for a long time, because during my semester break, I didn’t get a chance to visit Canberra with my friends, so I have been trying to find an excuse to pay a visit. Floriade definitely is the perfect excuse for a weekend escape and to embrace the coming of spring.

I did a bit of research on the Internet, and many people recommended going to the Floriade around 2 weeks after it officially starts. However, I know I won’t have the time to have a weekend escape once school resumes normal (crazy assignments coming!). Seeing how nice the weather would be on the first day, I decided to have an impromptu trip with my friend.

Murrays Coach

Murrays Sydney Floriade Coach

When I was in the US, I always took the coach to travel between cities. One of my favorite coach companies was MegaBus, because their seats were comfortable and they had free wifi, though not always stable. I have to say Murrays’ service did impress me. Their seats were comfortable; even after a 3-hour trip, I didn’t feel any pain at all. The company has a Floriade Special Package; $49 return trip from Sydney to Canberra, drop off and pick up directly from Commonwealth Park. Very convenient for us, who don’t know how to drive or foreign travelers. You also get to choose your departure time in Sydney, 7am or 9am. We chose 7am, so I had to wake up at 5:30am that morning!

The company did make a mistake though. Originally the coach was to pick us up at the place where they dropped us off in the morning at 5pm. We confirmed with the coach driver before we headed to the Floriade that morning. However, the coach didn’t arrive until 5:30pm. The coach driver who picked us up told us that the driver from Sydney misunderstood the pick up location, so he actually waited for us somewhere outside on the Commonwealth Avenue instead.  Luckily one of the passengers mentioned to him before he left the shuttle bus stop for Canberra Centre, and of course the company realized they left their customers waiting (I guess there were a total of 16 passengers!), so he came to pick us up to catch the 6pm coach back to Sydney. The coach, that was supposed to pick up, was going to pick up more passengers at Jolimont Centre and leaving there at 6pm anyway, so there was no delay in our schedule. Provided it was only the first day of Floriade, I think it is understandable and I guess the same thing won’t happen again.

P.S. The coach driver who picked us up from the Commonwealth Park was actually the one who took people from the Commonwealth Park to Canberra Centre, a free shuttle service from Thursdays to Sundays. I think his name is Roy, and he’s super friendly and nice!

It was actually pretty crowded, and I didn’t expect so many people on the first day, but it was an enjoyable day, except for the hotdog we had at one of the food stalls there, the sausage wasn’t heated enough and my friend said she felt like it wasn’t fully cooked.

There were a lot of  signs around the park, like the one below, it actually took me and my friend some time to figure out what they mean.

Interesting sign

Tasty donut puffs!

Tasty honey donut puffs to start the day!

Tea pot and tea cup made of oranges

Tea pot and tea cup made of oranges


You can paint your own gnome

I’m no expert at taking photos, but hope you guys enjoy them.

Sorry, but I had to highlight the following photo, because these flowers reminded me of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC! I was there in 2010! Check it out if you are in the States in March!

The Commonwealth Park is so big, my friend and I walked around and love it so much.

Nerang Pool

Nerang Pool

Walking around Lake Burley Griffin. Such a great place to spend the afternoon!

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin

Taking the free shuttle bus from Canberra Centre back to Commonwealth Park.

Commonwealth Avenue

Definitely should visit Canberra during spring for the Floriade! I would love to visit Canberra again, love the cleanliness and quietness during the weekend.

Floriade’s official website: http://www.floriadeaustralia.com/

Murray’s official website: http://www.murrays.com.au/

Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach

15 Sep

Went to Bondi Beach last Sunday (11th Sept) for the Festival of the Winds. It is my 3rd time at Bondi Beach, and still loving it, especially because the weather was so nice and sunny! It was so crowded, and there were many kites flying up in the sky.

So many people, so many kites!

Can you see all those tidy kites up in the sky?

Love the blue sky with white clouds!

Blue sky + White clouds = the perfect combination!

Don’t ask me why, but I was in love of aliens that day.

UFO taking off UFO UFO up in the sky UFO flying back home!

The creepy alien kite!

The big whale!

Wasn’t as excited as I thought it would be, I guess because the wind wasn’t stable enough, so the big kites weren’t always up in the sky. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the weather so much!

Of course I had my favourite fish and chips, with my fatty deep fried Mars bar from Bondi Surf Seafood. I think this fatty dessert originated in Scotland, and I have seen it in the United States before; however, this is my first time trying it. It actually tastes good, like how the caramel is melted, but I don’t think I can finish one whole bar on my own. Forget about losing weight for one day, and give it a try! I know it’s not healthy, but still worth trying it once!

Fatty food: Deep fried Mars bar

If you love to see kites flying up in the sky or you wanna try out your skills, definitely come to Bondi Beach next year to join the Festival of the Winds.

Official website: http://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/things_to_do/places_of_interest/bondi_pavilion/annual_attractions/festival_of_the_winds

21st Jazz & Blues Festival, Darling Harbour

13 Jun

Jazz & Blues Festival : James Morrison Sextet

10th June: 6pm – 7:30pm James Morrison Sextet at Floating Stage – Harbourside

Fireworks at Cockle Bay

10th June: 7:30pm Fireworks at Cockle Bay

First time at the Jazz & Blues Festival. The weather was a bit chilly, but it was really enjoyable to sit down and enjoy some jazz music. The fireworks were so pretty, and it was as if the fireworks were right above your head. So close and so much fun!

Definitely check it out if you are here next year!

Official website: www.darlingharbour.com

Campsie Food Festival 2011

4 Jun

First time at Campsie Food Festival. The weather wasn’t very good, a bit cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining.

Campsie is said to be a place with Korean cuisine as the predominate flavour, but the annual Campsie Food Festival definitely provided a wide range of food cuisine that reflects cultural diversity. There were French crêpes, Spanish churros, Japanese Octopus Balls, Korean kimchi, Thai curry, Indian mango lassi and more .



Gozleme with spicy mince (AUD$9)

Lemon Strawberry Drink

Lemon Strawberry Drink (AUD$4.50)

Jumbo Churros

Jumbo Churros (AUD$4)

Apart from food, there were a lot of other programs too, such as lion dance performance and music performances.

Food Craving

Perfect for family with kids too. Free rides at Anzac Square.

Free Rides for Kids


Definitely worth going, especially if you are a food lover. So check it out next year!

Official website: http://www.campsiefoodfestival.com.au/