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Review: July 2012 Glamabox

7 Jul

July 2012 Glamabox

[Back: From left to right]
Kose Clear Turn White Mask – Gaba
Lucky LT Eye Mask
Celebrity Slim Meal Substitution Shake

[Front: From left to right]
Chocola BB Drink Bit
Axis Sense of Space Perfume
For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening BB Cream (Ivory)
For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Treatment Toner

Got my July Glamabox today, it was very heavy but later I realized it was because of the drinks. To be honest, I’m totally not into beauty food or drink, so I’m not excited to try the Chocola BB drink and Celebrity Slim banana shake.

Well, I’m more interested in trying Kose’s mask and Lucky LT eye mask, though I still have loads of masks to finish up, I don’t mind having more! The perfume seems pretty interesting, the packaging isn’t great, because it doesn’t come in a spray bottle or a roller, and I’m not too sure why there are little beads inside. As for the 2 products from For Beloved One, I’m more into trying their BB cream, but the product size is ridiculously small.

P.S. Product reviews will be up once I have tried them.

Review: June 2012 Glamabox

17 Jun

Sorry for not updating my blog for a while, have been very busy since I started working; I’m still trying to find ways to make a balance and keep posting.

June 2012 Glamabox

[From left to right]
Prodigy Advanced Skin Lightening Face Cream
Proactiv Refining Mask (two $100 coupons included)
Ocean Potion Anti-aging Sunblock Lotion SPF 30
Dr. Ci: Labo Aqua Gel Bi-Ha-Ku
Copa Cabbana Pomelo with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C Face Mask

In this month’s Glamabox, there are 2 products that I’m excited to try. I have heard good things about Dr. Ci: Labo, so I’m interested in trying this little sample. The other one is Copa Cabbana’s mask, I have never heard of this brand, but don’t know why, this face mask caught my attention.

Prodigy and Proactiv are the 2 brands that I have heard of, but not too interested in trying. I tried Prodigy’s face cream this morning, nothing too special about it; I will do a more detailed review later. As for Proactiv, this brand seems to be more suitable for people who have acne-prone skin, which I don’t have, so I’m not too interested in trying their products and I don’t think I will use those coupons too.

Lastly, I love my Olay sunscreen, so not too excited when I saw Ocean Potion’s sunblock lotion, maybe I will put it in my make-up bag and bring it around with me.

P.S. Product reviews will be up once I have tried them.

  • Prodigy Advanced Skin Lightening Face Cream
    It’s white in colour, just like your ordinary face cream. Not too sure if it really does reduce the appearance of pigments and uneven skin tone, as I don’t have such problems; I like how it’s not greasy at all, and it immediately absorbs into my skin. I use it everyday before applying BB cream, and it works. I also like the packaging too, it’s very easy to control the amount you want. It’s a bit expensive for me, so I’m not sure if I would purchase the full-size product.
  • Copa Cabbana Pomelo with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C Face Mask
    At first I was expecting a cream mask, but it’s actually a clay face mask, very thick in texture. This small sachet provides a lot of product, I think you can use it twice, but because I don’t want to keep it for another time, as I believe it’s a natural product. So I applied a very thick layer on my face. I like how it feels on my face, and it does help cleanse my face. Not super moisturizing, but it doesn’t feel dry.

Review: May 2012 Glamabox

6 May

My third Glamabox arrived on 5th May. I feel like their method of delivery often surprises me; it was still delivered by Yamato Transport but they just suddenly bumped up at my door without calling me beforehand on Saturday. Anyway, let’s get into this month’s products!

May 2012 Glamabox

[Front: From left to right]
Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence
Shea Organics Shea Bath Balm
Caviar Skin Caviar Anti-Aging Essence
Kerasys Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

[Back: From left to right]
Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing Gel Mask
Talika Bio-Enzyme Renaissance Mask

This month’s Glamabox included some things I’m excited about and some things I’m not too interested in. I have only heard of Talika and Mask House but have never tried any of the brands included in this month’s box. When I first saw the list, I was like “Oh, shampoo and conditioner again!?!”, but when I saw the packaging, I was like “Wow, I like the packaging, it’s perfect for travelling!”. So that’s a thumb’s up for Kerasys’ shampoo and conditioner, and it smells pretty good. I also like Shea Organics’ packaging, but I didn’t get the shea body butter; I got the shea bath balm and I can’t use it at all since I don’t have a bathtub at home!

To celebrate the coming of Mother’s Day, they included some anti-aging products. I’m not really interested in trying Caviar Skin’s product, as the packaging looks a bit cheap and unattractive to me. As for the 2 masks, I’m always interested in trying new masks, especially they are brands that I have never tried before. However, I’m not interested in the beauty drink, don’t think these type of products work and I feel like it’s going to taste gross, so let’s see how it goes!

Still going to stay subscribed at the moment, although I’m afraid I would end up having a bunch of samples and useless products at home. I wish they could include some make-up products!

P.S. Product reviews will be up once I have tried them.

  • Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence:
    As expected, it tastes gross! I firstly had a sip and couldn’t bare with the weird taste, so I got a cup of cold water, poured the whole bottle of beauty essence into it and kinda of forced myself to drink it. Well, I don’t think you would see any result by just drinking one bottle, but even if I’m given a full set of these beauty essence to try, I would not drink it again!


  • Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing Gel Mask
    The gel mask comes in 2 parts, which fits better than regular one-piece mask. However the packaging is bad. There’s a white plastic film and a clear plastic film, with the gel mask in between. I believe you are supposed to take the mask out, remove the white one, place it on your face and then remove the clear one, but that wasn’t the case at all. When I tried to pull out the mask from the packaging, the upper part of the mask was stuck with the lower part, and I ended up only pulling out the white plastic film, but not the mask.
    Then I tried to pull out the mask, but because it’s a gel mask, it’s slippery and hard to catch it, especially the two separate parts are sticking to each other. So it took me some time to get the mask out of the packaging, and it ended up pretty messy.
    Yes, I do like gel mask more than paper mask, as it feels like it is completely molded to your skin. However due to the bad packaging, I wasn’t able to put the mask on the exact spot, and it’s hard to move the gel mask once it’s placed on your face.
    It is moisturizing, and I feel like my skin has brighten up after using it, yet there is a little downside. Usually after I remove my mask, I will gently massage and pat my face so that the skin can absorb the remaining product. However, when I started massaging my face, some white flakes like eraser dust (if you know what I mean) appeared, which I don’t really like.
    Overall, I’m not sure if I will buy this mask again, it’s okay, but the packaging is really bad.

Review: February 2012 Glossybox

16 Feb

UPDATE (18/2): GlossyBox has announced on its website and Facebook page that they are going to delay the launch of the service. 

I first heard about the GlossyBox and other similar beauty box subcriptions through Youtube. Recently when I was reading some Hong Kong-based blogs, I realized that we can now subscribe to these beauty boxes in Hong Kong too. I was so excited about it, so after doing some research, I decided to order the GlossyBox.

I won’t say I’m super interested in cosmetics and beauty trends, but since I started watching beauty videos on YouTube, I became more aware of these new or popular products in the market. I will get excited when I watch the reviews and videos, but I don’t actually buy them. However, the idea of receiving a GlossyBox each month for just HKD$120 is tempting. Since it’s easy to cancel my subscription any time I want, I think it would be great to at least give it a try and see if I would like the products sent to me.

The company gave me a good impression before I got my first GlossyBox. Due to some technical problems, my profile showed that I have ordered 2 GlossyBox, one completed order and one processing order, so I sent the company an e-mail asking them to check the problem for me. The following evening, a staff from their team replied me and apologized for the confusion and any inconvenience caused.

Finally on Valentine’s Day morning, I got a call from the delivery company, Yamato Transport, and he asked when I would be home to collect my GlossyBox. I was out at that time and I wasn’t sure if the security office would be willing to keep it for me, so I told him he could give it a try, if not he could come over later that afternoon. He kindly said he would do as I suggested. An hour later, he called me again to let me know he left my GlossyBox at the security office and reminded me to pick it up when I get home. He was very polite, nice and responsible, not like other delivery men I have encountered in the past. Although the service was good, it might be a bit inconvenient for those who work and couldn’t have their box sent to their office or have someone to collect their box for them at home; so for those who have the above situation, better see if they deliver during off-hours or weekends.

It comes in a greyish cardboard delivery box, with the word GLOSSYBOX and their logo in pink printed on it. It’s fun to tear off the strip to open the box, it’s like unwrapping a Christmas present. Inside is the bright pink box, it’s so cute and adorable; I think I should keep it and use it as a storage box. Everything was so nicely packed and wrapped that I felt the need to unwrap it with extra care, so that I don’t ruin it.

Delivery box and the actual Glossybox

Grey cardboard delivery box (Left) Pink box (Right)

Pink Box and Pink Envelope

Nicely packed pink box with a pink envelope 

It comes with a pink envelope which includes a card with all the product description and some coupons. Apart from the Leonidas’ free chocolate sample coupon, I’m not really interested in the other ones. Or maybe if I like Apivita’s products, I will use that coupon.

Product Description & Coupons

The envelope with the product description and coupons

Products inside February Glossybox

[Above from left to right]
Apivita Intensive Hydrating Mask with Cucumber
Apivita Organic Lip Care with Honey 

[Below from left to right]
Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche
Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche
Clarins Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
Premier Aromatic Body Butter

I have never tried any of the brands before, but I have heard most of them, except Premier. I’m interested in Apivita’s products, but have never taken the initiative to try their products; it’s exciting that they included a full-size lip balm as I am planning to get a new lip balm soon. I am also looking forward to trying their masks too. I think we all know that Clarins is a luxury brand, so I don’t think I can afford to buy their products, but it’s great to see their sample included. As for the hair products, they smell good; however both are for highlighted or sensitised, colour-treated hair, so they might not be suitable for me. Lastly the body butter, it doesn’t sound very attractive to me.

Well, I have to say, when compared to the beauty boxes I have seen online, this February GlossyBox isn’t up to my expectation, especially when we are all expecting a bit more for the Valentine’s special edition. As you can see from their Facebook page, many people were very upset with the products and I guess the company would be losing some customers, as they have other subscriptions to choose from. Their staff also didn’t do a great job when they tried to respond to their customers’ complaints, particularly when one of their staff posted a long comment, trying to explain the whole thing.

For me, I am a bit disappointed, not really because of the product size, instead it’s because it seems like everyone is receiving the same products. I remember completing the beauty profile on their website, so I thought they would be giving us products according to our skin type and preference; so hopefully they would have a wider range of products to match different people in the future. The other reason why I am disappointed is because I personally like the brands and the products in the January box better; I really want to try the Becca Beach Tint, Moroccan Oil and Bliss’ products.

I understand they just started off their business in Hong Kong and I think they will try to improve, especially after all those negative comments on their Facebook page. I’m still happy with the brands they work with, so I would order the March GlossyBox and give it another try before I decide whether I would unsubscribe or not. Hopefully it does a better job next time.

P.S. Product reviews will be up after I have tried them.

  • Apivita Intensive Hydrating Mask with Cucumber:
    I really like this hydrating mask! It’s a cream mask with a hint of refreshing cucumber scent. I applied a thick layer on my face and left it for 10 mins. After washing off the mask, my skin feels very hydrated, nourished and smooth.