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Restaurant Review: Cafe Loisl

3 Jul

Met up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a very long time, and she chose this cafe. Well, I have to say, if it wasn’t suggested by my friend, I don’t think I would ever come here. Even though it’s not far from my home, the location is very inconvenient. There are some tables outside, not the best outdoor view, but nice and calm environment.

We went there on Sunday at around 12:30pm, and there weren’t a lot of empty tables. We were lucky to find a table near the window. My friend and I each got a breakfast set and a raspberry sparkling and then shared a piece of apple strudel.


Enjoying my raspberry sparkling

I know we should order Vienna Coffee, but I don’t drink coffee at all, so I chose Raspberry Sparkling to cool down myself on a hot sunny day.


Omelet on sourdough (HKD$59)

Sorry for the bad photo above, I’m still not used to my new phone yet, still trying to figure out the functions. Anyway, back to the omelet, it was just average, but I really like the sourdough. I think my friend’s one tastes better. Hers came with 2 eggs, some avocado and tomatoes, with sourdough.


Apple Strudel

I think most people, who have been to this cafe, would have tried this apple strudel. However, it wasn’t as good as expected, a bit disappointing; I would prefer apple pie or apple crumble more!

Environment: 8/10 (Inconvenient location, but quiet environment)

Service: 7.5/10 (Average, the man who I guess is the boss is friendly)

Food:  7.5/10 (Not particularly great)

Overall: A nice place to relax yourself.

Address: Shop A, G/F, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan

Food Discovery Trip at Cabramatta

22 Jan

I planned a food discovery trip to Cabramatta and had a list of restaurants and food I would like to try, however this wasn’t a really successful one. I was planning to try the crispy chicken dry noodles at Tan Viet Noodle House, but it is currently under maintenance until 2nd Feb. I was also planning to try the doughnuts and fried banana fritters at Kaysone Sweets, but again the shop is closed and will be reopened on 25th Jan. I was pretty disappointed, but luckily still got to have some Vietnamese food.

After realizing Tan Viet Noodle House wasn’t opened, I was so hungry that I just randomly went into a restaurant, without trying to find the other ones recommended by many food bloggers.

Pho 54, Cabramatta

This restaurant is the typical kind of Asian restaurant, not too fancy interior and average service. The moment I sat down, I asked for the menu and the man just pointed outside, because they only have the menu on one of the walls, so I had to get up to check out their menu. I wasn’t too sure what to go for, so I just went for the first pho on the menu, which the man referred as Pho Special.

Pho Special

Pho special (AUD9.50)

The Pho Special was a combination of beef tripe, tendons, brisket and meatballs. For me, it was a pretty big portion. I would say it’s good, but not sure if it’s one of the best. One thing is note though, most of their customers were Vietnamese, so I guess it should be authentic and up to their standard.

It was so hot inside the restaurant, especially after having a big bowl of hot noodles and drinking some hot tea, so I was desperately searching for a cold drink. I was looking for a place called Hung Vuong to try their avocado shake, which was recommended by one of the food bloggers, but I couldn’t find it at all. During the searching process, I saw Viet Hoa Hot Bread, a place recommended for its Vietnamese roll. Of course, I couldn’t eat a pork roll after a big bowl of pho, so I went for their pandan waffle.

Pandan waffle

Pandan waffle (AUD$1.50)

The edge was crunchy; the inside was soft and chewy. I don’t really remember how pandan should taste like, so I’m not sure if it really has pandan flavour. At first I thought it was just like a normal waffle, but I actually finished the whole thing very quickly. It’s pretty good!

After the pandan waffle, I was still looking for a cold drink. I was wandering around, going in and out of the little streets and shopping centers, and came to Yummi Sweets. I have seen many people holding a cup of drink with the word “Yummi’ on the street, so I guess it should be pretty popular. It was also the only store I saw selling avocado shake, so I decided to give it try.

Avocado Shake, Yummi Sweets

Avocado shake (Small: AUD$4.0)

The lady put in a few chunks of avocado, some ice, some milk and something which I believe is syrup, gave it a quick blend, and voilà it’s done! It is very milky and creamy, with a hint of avocado flavour. At first I thought I couldn’t finish it, because it was very rich, but I eventually finished the whole thing. Try this if you like milk shake or something rich and creamy. If not, you can have a sugar cane drink, very popular choice among the locals.

Before I left, I also got some crumbed chicken thighs from Red Lea.

Red Lea, Cabramatta

The store is pretty big, one side selling fresh chicken, and another side selling friend chicken and chips. I heard that their chips are pretty good, but wasn’t in mood of having chips that afternoon, so I only got 4 crumbled chicken thighs.

Crumbed chicken thigh

Crumbed chicken thigh (4 for AUD$10)

Although they were cold the moment I arrived home, I found them pretty good. The skin, of course, was no longer crispy, but the flesh is still juicy. I would love a little bit of seasoning though, so I had to add a bit of pepper before munching them down.

Pho 54 (2/54 Park Road, Cabramatta, NSW 2166)
Environment: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 8/10

Viet Hoa Hot Bread (John Street, Cabramatta, NSW 2166)
Environment: N/A
Service: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10

Yummi Sweets (Park Road, Cabramatta, NSW 2166)
Environment: N/A
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10

Red Lea (Shop 57 John Street, Cabramatta, NSW 2166)
Environment: N/A
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10

Restaurant Review: Meet Fresh, Haymarket

18 Jan

Meet Fresh is pretty popular among the Asian population here in Sydney, but I wasn’t too interested in trying it, as they don’t look very attractive to me. I have been to Taiwan twice, however I have never tried these type of Taiwanese desserts there. Now it’s summer in Sydney and I was craving for some cold desserts, so I decided to give it a try.

Went there on a weekday afternoon, and the store was pretty busy. There weren’t a lot of staff preparing and serving the customers, so people had to wait for some time before being served and for their orders.

Meet Fresh Taro Balls Dessert 4

Taro Balls Dessert 4: Taro Balls (Taro + Red Beans + Pearls) (AUD$5.50)

I wasn’t expecting too much, but surprisingly I actually like it. The moment I got home, the ice has already melted, but it was still cold. I really like eating black pearls, and I get really upset when they are soggy. The pearls I had were chewy, the taro were soft and fluffy. As for the taro balls, they are chewy but I don’t think they taste really special. I was also a bit surprised that the red beans are the bigger size ones, but not the small red beans that I’m used to in Hong Kong. Overall, it was pretty good; it isn’t pricey in Australian standard but I’m very sure they are a lot cheaper in Taiwan and the portion would be much bigger.

One extra point to add, their takeaway container is pretty sturdy and it doesn’t spill at all, even after a bumpy bus ride.

Environment: N/A

Service: 7.5/10 (Nothing special, just average service. Can be a longer wait during busy hours)

Food: 8 /10 (Black pearls and taro balls are chewy, taro and red beans taste good too. Not too sweet)

Overall: Not bad. If you want to try something different, you can give it try.

Address: 13 Goulburn Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000

Official website: http://meetfresh.net/

Restaurant Review: Adriano Zumbo, Balmain

16 Jan

Oh yes, it’s Adriano Zumbo again! I’m leaving Sydney soon, so I decided to explore more before I leave, so here I am at Adriano Zumbo’s Balmain store. I went there pretty late, 30 minutes before it closed, so there weren’t a lot of choices left. I was going to try the Grandma’s Soap, but they didn’t have it, so I ended up choosing Snnowmanoor and Man Goes Peanuts. I had a pretty bumpy bus ride back home and the weather wasn’t really good; but luckily the staff put some tape to secure them, and they still look very nice when I got home.

Adriano Zumbo's Snnowmanoor

Snnowmanoor (AUD$9) 

Official description: Pâté a choux, bubble tea custard, lychee coconut crème légère, lychee gel, coconut crunch  

This cake is delicious, a combination of different texture! In the middle, there is lychee gel and a sweet paste inside, which I’m not too sure what it is, it looked like red bean paste, which I’m sure I’m wrong. Or maybe it’s the bubble tea custard, but I don’t know why it is named so, because nothing tasted like bubble tea. I also like the bottom layer, the coconut crunch, which gives a different texture from the crème légère and cream puff. This is probably one of my favourite cakes from Adriano Zumbo!

Adriano Zumbo's Man Goes Peanuts

Man Goes Peanuts (AUD$9)

Official description: Peanut butter crunch, mango compote, mango burnt honey mousse, pain 

I love this one even more! This cake is also a combination of different texture, the crunchiness of the peanut butter crunch, the creamy mango mousse, the bread with peanuts and the jelly mango compote. After eating the cake, your mouth will be filled with the taste of mango and peanut!

Environment: N/A

Service: 7.5/10 (Better than the staff at Manly)

Food: 8.5 /10 (These two cakes fit my taste more than the previous one! Delicious!)

Overall: Not sure if I would have a chance to try more cakes before I leave, but the cakes at Adriano Zumbo definitely have the best presentation! Will try to come back again some day!

Address: 296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2040

Official website: http://adrianozumbo.com/

Restaurant Review:, Adriano Zumbo, Manly

11 Jan

I saw their new menu a couple of weeks ago, and was so excited to try out their new cakes, particularly the Grandma’s Soap and V8 Christmas. Although I was very full after having BenBry burger, I still insisted going to Adriano Zumbo to try out their new products. This is actually my second time at Adriano Zumbo, but I was at their Balmain store last time. This store is located at a quiet area, a street away from The Corso, where most tourists walk by. Luckily I checked out their address before going there, because the sign is so tiny and I think people would not notice its existence at all.

Adriano Zumbo Manly

The tiny sign outside the Manly store

Adriano Zumbo

Shaded area around Adriano Zumbo

According to my previous experience, the cake might melt or fall apart on my way home, so I decided to eat it right away. There are some chairs and tables at the nearby area, and has a beautiful view of the harbour too!

V8 Christmas

Christmas v8 (AUD$10)

  • Cinnamon Creme Chantilly
  • Morello Cherry Jelly
  • Pain D’épices
  • Toasted Nougat Brulee
  • Vanilla Chiffon Cake
  • Vanilla Ganache
  • Pistachio Crunch
  • Pistachio Dacquoise

The cake was nicely presented, you can see each layer clearly, but I’m sorry to say that I was a bit disappointed. Even though I have a sweet tooth, this cake was way too sweet that I didn’t want to finish the last bite. The cherry jelly was very obvious; I’m not a fan of cherry, but luckily they had that layer there, because the fruity and slightly sour taste helped to lower the sweetness of the cake. Although I didn’t like this cake, I love the truffle on the top of the cake.

I still want to try other cakes, but maybe I should go back to the Balmain store. The staff at the Manly store wasn’t too enthusiastic; and when she put the box into the plastic bag, the box fell on the side, and the cake slide to the side of the box, luckily the cake wasn’t ruined. I also went back to ask her for a spoon, but she had no intention giving me a napkin, which was just next to the spoon.

Environment: N/A

Service: 7/10 (The staff wasn’t too enthusiastic, and she nearly ruined my cake)

Food: 7.5/10 (A bit disappointed)

Overall: Wasn’t too impressed this time, hopefully it would be better next time.

Address: Shop 1a/40 The East Esplanade, Manly, NSW 2095

Official website: http://adrianozumbo.com/

Restaurant Review: Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar, Tsim Sha Tsui

27 Nov

Finally my first review on Hong Kong’s restaurant! I have been longing to go to Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar for a long time, because my friends have been talking about it and there are many reviews on the web too.

Banana Split (HKD$48)

I didn’t take a photo of it, so I had to take the photo from their official website. The actual product looks pretty similar to the photo shown, nicely presented. The portion is pretty huge, especially when it’s an after-dinner dessert, so I shared one with my friend.

Well, I have to say I was a bit disappointed, not that it’s not good, it’s just that the frozen yogurt doesn’t fit my taste and maybe we have chosen the wrong combination. The frozen yogurt is too sour, especially when I eat it with the fruit salad. My friend likes their frozen yogurt, but she said The Garden tastes better than Banana Split.

If you like frozen yogurt that is slightly more sour, then Smile’s yogurt might be something you want to try.

Environment: N/A (They actually have a few seats inside the store, most people just hold their frozen yogurt and eat outside. However, there isn’t any seats nearby or inside the shopping centre, not the best place to enjoy your dessert)

Service: 8/10 (Pretty friendly)

Food: 7.5/10  (Too sour for me, and I didn’t like the combination I tried, especially the fruit salad)

Overall: I didn’t really like the frozen yogurt, it’s a bit too sour for me, especially with the fruit salad. My friend likes their frozen yogurt though. I guess I might try another combination with chocolate.

Address: Unit G15A, G/F, K11, 18 Hanoi road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Official website: www.smile-yogurt.com/

Restaurant Review: San Churro, Glebe

16 Oct

San Churro's Churro for Two (with Dark Chocolate and Dulce De Leche)

Churros for Two with dark chocolate and Dulce De Leche (AUD$13.95)

After we had that crazy meal at Nando’s, my friend and I headed to San Churro. I know that sounds crazy, but since we really want to have some churros, we went there as planned. I actually didn’t really like the churros, they were a bit too crunchy for me. I prefer those softer and chewy churros; but these were okay just because you have to dip them in the chocolate or caramel sauce.  The Dulce De Leche is a must try!!! My friend and I “invented” a new way to eat them, dipping into the Dulce De Leche first and then into the dark chocolate sauce, making the churros taste even better! Should come here again to try the other products!

Environment: 8/10 (Pretty crowded at the time when we were there, but not too bad)

Service: 8/10 (Nothing too special; the guy at the cashier was okay)

Food: 9/10 (Love the caramel dip!!!)

Overall: Didn’t really like the texture of their churros, but their dips are like heaven! Definitely want to try out their other products too!

Address: 47 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037

Official Website: http://www.sanchurro.com/

Restaurant Review: Max Brenner, Paddington,

15 Sep

Been to Max Brenner twice, once in June and once in July. I went there on a Saturday afternoon on both occasions, because I took my friends who were visiting Sydney to the nearby Paddington Market before heading to Max Brenner. So the Paddington store is the only one I have been to in Aussie so far, and I like their cute decoration!

Cute Max Brenner

Inside Max Brenner


Left: Peanut Butter Iced Chockie (AUD$7.60)

Right: Don’t remember what my friend got, probably it was the hot chocolate with crunchy waffle ball.

I really like the Alice Cup, if my luggage isn’t overweight, I will definitely buy one! The hug mug is cute too! The peanut butter iced chockie was really good, I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate! The perfect drink when it’s hot and sunny outside!

The second time I went there, I tried something else.

Italian Thick Chocolate

Italian Thick Chocolate (AUD$6.0) with the unique bald man napkin.

Tutti-Frutti Waffle

Tutti-Frutti Waffle (AUD$18.5)

This time it was a like-and-dislike experience. I thought I would like the Italian Thick Chocolate, however it was too rich for me and it was not the kind of chocolate taste I like, if that makes sense. However, the tutti-frutti waffle was super good! Crunchy on the outside and chewy inside! And guess what made my friend and I so excited, there were BANANAS! I haven’t bought any bananas since I got here, because they are too expensive! AUD15 per kg, you must be kidding! I can get a whole lot of them back in Hong Kong! My friend and I love bananas, so we got really excited when we saw those banana slices! Of course the waffle was really good with the yummy chocolate sauce, ice-cream and strawberries!

Environment: 8/10 (Can be a bit crowded and hard to get a seat, but generally comfortable and not too noisy)

Service: 8.5/10 (The staff were really nice. They always come and ask customers if they want to have some water or not. I guess it’s because after a rich chocolate drink or dessert, people usually want a cup of water to clear their throats. Even the store is always packed with people, they do not force customers who have finished their drink or dessert to leave, which always happen in Asian countries; you can sit down and relax as long as you want. )

Food: 8.5/10  (Like the waffle a lot, but the hot chocolate drink was a bit too rich for me. Maybe I should try something else next time)

Overall: I love Max Brenner. Their waffle is the best! Didn’t really like the drinks I have ordered so far, but I think I should try others out.

Address: Shop 437, Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

Official Website: http://www.maxbrenner.com.au/

Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach

15 Sep

Went to Bondi Beach last Sunday (11th Sept) for the Festival of the Winds. It is my 3rd time at Bondi Beach, and still loving it, especially because the weather was so nice and sunny! It was so crowded, and there were many kites flying up in the sky.

So many people, so many kites!

Can you see all those tidy kites up in the sky?

Love the blue sky with white clouds!

Blue sky + White clouds = the perfect combination!

Don’t ask me why, but I was in love of aliens that day.

UFO taking off UFO UFO up in the sky UFO flying back home!

The creepy alien kite!

The big whale!

Wasn’t as excited as I thought it would be, I guess because the wind wasn’t stable enough, so the big kites weren’t always up in the sky. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the weather so much!

Of course I had my favourite fish and chips, with my fatty deep fried Mars bar from Bondi Surf Seafood. I think this fatty dessert originated in Scotland, and I have seen it in the United States before; however, this is my first time trying it. It actually tastes good, like how the caramel is melted, but I don’t think I can finish one whole bar on my own. Forget about losing weight for one day, and give it a try! I know it’s not healthy, but still worth trying it once!

Fatty food: Deep fried Mars bar

If you love to see kites flying up in the sky or you wanna try out your skills, definitely come to Bondi Beach next year to join the Festival of the Winds.

Official website: http://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/things_to_do/places_of_interest/bondi_pavilion/annual_attractions/festival_of_the_winds

Restaurant Review: Adriano Zumbo, Balmain

11 Sep

My friend invited me to her home for dinner, but I didn’t know what to bring. I have been thinking of trying Adriano Zumbo for a long time, so I decided to go there to get some of their cakes for dessert. I went there on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed with people. The shop is very small, I nearly walked pass it, luckily there was a queue outside the shop.

Adriano Zumbo

(Left Top to Bottom: malt & teaser, passiondor, lukas on the ride)
(Right Top to Bottom: what a great pear, passionfruit tart)

malt & teaser (AUD$9)

Official description: chocolate sabayon mousse, almond malt dacquoise, malt bavaroise, vanilla creneaux, almond praline feuilletine

It started to melt when I got home; before I got to my friend’s home, it kinda of collapsed already. I didn’t put the cakes in the fridge, thinking the weather was still cool… maybe I should put them in the fridge next time. Anyways, despite the ugly appearance, this cake is so good!

passiondor (AUD$9)

Official description: hazelnut dacquoise, praline feuilletine noisette, passionfruit milk chocolate ganache, passionfruit milk chocolate chantilly

Liked the different layers and texture. For me, it was a little bit sour, but still acceptable.

lukas on the ride (AUD$9)

Official description: macadamia dacquoise, macadamia praline mousse, vanilla chantilly, pear tatin and macadamia nougatine

My favourite out of all! I was given a small piece to try when I was waiting to be served at the store, and I was immediately impressed by it! My friends like this one too!

what a pear (AUD$9)

Description: choux pastry, pear & vanilla creme patissier, almond crunch, pear mousse, pera gel, chocolate square and marzipan

The green colour actually looks a bit scary to me, but it was good, it’s like a creme puff with pear jelly inside.

tarte aux fruits de la passion (AUD$6)

Official description: passionfruit curd and pâte sucrée

We were all shocked by how sour this fruit tart was, I guess it’s because everyone was expecting it to be a fruity tart with a hint of sour. For those who like sweet treats may not like this one. Although I didn’t like it at the beginning, it wasn’t that bad after all, you just need to be prepared before you have a bite.

Oh no, I’m so bad at describing food! Sorry for the bad quality photo too! Although my description is so bad, Adriano Zumbo’s cakes are amazing, should definitely try them if you have a chance!

Environment: N/A

Service: 8.5/10 (The staff were friendly and helpful. Even though it was fully packed, she explained to me in details when I asked her about the cakes. She even told me to be careful while handling the cakes, and it would be better to hold with both of my hands rather than carrying it in a bag.)

Food: 9/10 (A little bit pricey but super delicious!)

Overall: I love their cakes so much! Their location is not convenient for me, but will definitely revisit again!

Address: 296 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2040

Official Website: http://adrianozumbo.com/