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First Purchase@Zalora

16 May

I know I just mentioned that I don’t like shopping online, but I recently made another online purchase through Zalora.com.hk. I don’t remember how I discovered this website, but it seems to be a reliable website, and the main reason why I decided to make my first purchase is because their shipping is free and I saw these beautiful ballerina flats sold at HKD$119!

The time when I saw these ballerina flats, only size 37 was available, and they were sold out immediately after I placed my order. That evening, a lady called me to confirm my shoe size. I’m not sure if they always do that, but I think some customers might not like that, as we have already chosen the size we want when placing our order, so they should be able to check it through their own system. That didn’t really bother me, I was just a bit shocked when the lady called me.

5 days after I placed my order, the deliveryman called me saying I had a parcel from Singapore (I don’t really know why they are shipped from Singapore, as I thought they are based in Hong Kong) and they will deliver it to me that afternoon. I was so surprised when the deliveryman stepped out of the lift, because he was holding a huge box. Well, I’m not an enthusiastic environmentalist, but I do concern about the environment. For me, the packaging was a bit too much, they didn’t need to use such a big card box to hold one pair of shoe and to put 2 sheets of wrapping paper and some air cushions inside. Shoes are definitely not fragile products, and they already come in a sturdy shoe box, so they don’t really need those extra packaging. I know companies are trying to put extra thoughts to please their customers and I do appreciate their  effort in wrapping the shoe box with black paper and putting their company sticker on it (which I thought was so nice and sleek), but other wrapping materials were not necessary.

P.S. The box was shipped to me by Aramex, but one disappointing thing: they included another customer’s shipment details. In front of the box there’s an A4 sheet placed inside a clear, sealed pocket which contains information about the shipper, receiver and other shipment information. I think they accidentally included another Zalora customer’s shipping details in my pocket, and that’s pretty dangerous, as it contains that person’s name, address and contact number, so hopefully they will take extra care next time when they handle customer’s personal details.

Zalora Packaging

The huge box

Zalora Packaging

Unnecessary packaging inside the box

Zalora Packaging

The shoe box nicely wrapped in black paper

Larrie Studded Ballerina Flat

Anyway back to the shoes, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I I love buying flats from H&M, they are cheap (usually below HKD200) and comfortable, I have never had blisters or any pain after wearing them. However, these ballerina flats from Larrie completely beat them, as you can tell the quality is better than H&M’s. Size 37 is a tiny bit loose, as I’m between a size 36 and size 37, but I can definitely solve it by adding shoe insoles. I like how the shoe vamp is high enough to cover all my toes and they feel very comfortable. I still need to wear them for one day outdoors to say if they are going to hurt my feet or not, but for the price of HKD$119, the quality is absolutely amazing.

Larrie Studded Ballerina Flats

Larrie Studded Ballerina Flats

Larrie Studded Ballerina Flats (Size 37) (HKD$119)

My thoughts about Zalora?! They have a lot of brands that I have never heard of nor seen in Hong Kong, so I’m a bit hesitant when I’m making my decision, but I’m always tempted to browse the section “Under HKD250”, as they always have some nice flats to choose from. Just like Asos, their shipping is free and even better there’s a free, no questions asked return policy. I saw people complaining their shipping to be too slow on their Facebook page, but I thought it was still acceptable (FYI: it took Asos 1 week to ship things from UK and it took 5 days for Zalora to ship things from Singapore). Zalora.com.hk only ships within Hong Kong, but they can be found in other countries, such as Singapore, Thailand and even more, so do check them out. A staff from Zalora called me 3 days after I got my parcel to check if everything is okay, pretty good post-service!

There’s just one little thing I wasn’t satisfied with: when I took out my shoes, there were beads dropping out everywhere. Later I realized that one pack of silica gel beads, that was supposed to control the box’s humidity, was torn apart, so they were all over the place and I kept stepping on them.

All in all, if these shoes are not going to hurt my feet, I’m definitely going to buy more flats from Larrie and maybe try other brands too!

P.S. Shoes from Larrie sold out very fast!

Sadly they do hurt the back of my ankle, causing blister on my right feet, so I’m hoping it would be better after adding heel insoles later. It’s actually hard for me to find a pair of shoes that don’t hurt my ankle, even those expensive shoes hurt my feet, so I guess my feet might like cheaper shoes like those from H&M, which never hurt my feet. I wish they had real ballet shoes or dance shoes that can be worn outside the dance studio, they are the only shoes that never hurt my feet, and they still feel comfortable after wearing them for the whole day. Even worse, my toe nails and my heels turned a bit black caused by colour fading problem of the inner sole, so I do need to reconsider whether I’m going to repurchase Larrie’s shoes.

If you like to shop online, you can visit their website: www.zalora.com.hk