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“NEW” Fashion Online Shopping Website?!

24 Oct

I was browsing through Instagram and found this website By looking at its website, it’s a fashion online shopping website similar to ASOS, and I’m guessing it should be based in China (by looking at its return address).

I was so excited to see another website that provides free shipping worldwide, and was just about to do some crazy shopping, especially with the 15% discount they provided while registered as a member. However, when I was looking through the T-shirt section, and found this T-shirt so familiar. I clicked in and…. oh yes, it’s exactly the same as my H&M t-shirt, which I bought 2 years ago.

Not sure about the service and quality, but I don’t think I would ever buy anything on this website. That t-shirt was originally priced at $26.99, definitely much more expensive than the one at H&M. I don’t have any experience buying things on this website, but just as a kind warning, things sold might be fake or an exact dupe from a well-known brand.

If anyone has bought anything through this website, please feel free to comment below and share your experience.