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Random ASOS Purchase

11 Jul

I feel like I’m doing the exact opposite to what I said earlier. Oh yes, I recently made another purchase through ASOS again in May. Well, I had been looking for an umbrella for a long time, I guess for at least 2 years and finally found one that I like and what’s more, it was on sale, so I immediately bought it.

My previous umbrella was purchased in Japan 5 years ago, and it’s a black umbrella with colourful polka dots on it, it’s small and light but very sturdy. I remember using that umbrella in Atlantic City, USA on a super windy day, only my umbrella survived while my friends’ umbrellas either broke or flipped inside out, so I really like it. After 5 years, the umbrella is still in okay condition, just a tiny hole in the center of the umbrella ( but don’t worry, I don’t get wet at all), and the nylon string wrist strap attached to the handle is brittle.

What I look for when choosing an umbrella:

  • Small and light
    I carry my umbrella most of the days, so I need one that’s small and light-weight.
  • Unique pattern
    Somehow I’m very picky when it comes to the pattern, I don’t really like floral print or strips, I like an umbrella that’s more unique and not just in plain colour.

Cath Kidston Umbrella

Cath Kidston Tiny-2 Umbrella – Shooting Stars Blue (HKD$165.74)

It’s my 3rd time buying things from ASOS, and at the moment I’m generally satisfied. However, I do agree with Fleur, who did a ASOS haul video on Youtube (, that it can be a hit and miss. Although it does have a return policy, we have to pay the postage fee to return things back to UK in Hong Kong, so sometimes I’m hesitant when choosing things and try my best to buy less than buy more.