Review: April 2012 Glamabox

5 Apr

My second Glamabox arrived on 5th April! Unlike last month, my Glamabox was delivered by Yamato Transport instead of by Hong Kong Registered Post. A staff from the delivery company called me 15 minutes before to check if I was at home, and their service was good as usual.

The packaging was basically the same as last month, so I didn’t take any photos of them. If you want to see how it  looks like, please refer to my March 2012 Glamabox review. This month there’s no full-size products, but only 5 sample products included.

April 2012 Glamabox

[From left to right]
Mud Rang
 Cleansing Foam
Rose Absolute First Serum
Spa ph+ PHYTO-C Phyto Plus Gel Set
Glamour Perfume and Fragrance 
Kamill Classic Hand Cream

Among all the brands included in this month’s Glamabox, I have only heard of Kamill. I know they are famous for their hand cream, but I have never tried them before, as I’m a bit picky when it comes to hand cream, so it’s good to see a sample size included for me to try it out. I’m particularly interested in the rose serum from Aromatica and the cleansing foam from Mud Rang, as I’m still in the process of finding a serum and facial cleanser that suit my skin type. Not really interested in the gel by Spa ph+ though, but will see how it goes. As for the tiny fragrance, the amount is really too little but I like the idea that you can create your own personal perfume and fragrance.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this month’s Glamabox, as I think all the products are suitable for me to try and use. Although this is a beauty box subscription, it would have been more fun if they included something related to Easter in this month’s box, maybe an Easter egg or a little bunny.  Anyway, I will continue to subscribe and review next month. Let me know how you think if you have also subscribed to Glamabox or any other beauty box subscriptions.

P.S. Product reviews will be up once I have tried them.

  • Kamill Classic Hand Cream
    I won’t say it’s super moisturizing, but I really like the scent. I have it in my make-up bag where I carry around everyday; every time I use it at work, I feel refreshed, so definitely something I will consider purchasing.
  • Mud Rang Cleansing Foam
    When I first saw the words “Mud Rang” and mineral, I was expecting it to be greyish in colour; however it’s actually light brown in colour. Used it a few times, not something I really like, just an average cleansing foam. My skin feels a bit tight after using it, but not to a status that it makes my skin dry. What I like about it is that it lathers up really well, so it is very gentle on my skin, and it works with my Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing Brush.

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