Snack Review: IKEA Cinnamon Buns

15 Mar

I love cinnamon buns, but they are not very popular here in Hong Kong and I haven’t found a bakery that sells really tasty ones, so I haven’t had them for quite a long time. Two days ago, I was at IKEA looking for a bed light and some storage boxes, didn’t find what I want, but instead I found these frozen cinnamon buns at their food section. They look pretty delicious, so I decided to give it a try.

IKEA Cinnamon bun

IKEA Frozen Cinnamon Buns (HKD$29.9)

There are 6 mini cinnamon buns in a pack, and sold at HKD$29.9. They are not really expensive, and seem to be a convenient choice, as it only takes 15 minutes and you will have “freshly-baked” cinnamon buns at home.

Ready-to-eat cinnamon bun

Ready-to-eat Cinnamon Bun

The overall texture is okay, the outer part gets a bit crunchy while the inner part remains soft. They are not bad, but definitely not even close to the ones I had in Canada, and the cream cheese icing is missing!

There are 2 things I don’t like about these frozen cinnamon buns:

  1. When you buy them at IKEA, make sure you get a pack that is not thawed. I already chose a pack that isn’t thawed, but when I arrived home (less than 30 minutes after I left IKEA), they have become a bit soft (even during winter), and started to stick to each other, which makes it difficult to separate them apart when I take them out of the freezer and want to bake them.
  2. It gets a bit messy when taking them out of the package, as the sugar topping falls out and sticks everywhere.

My conclusion: I wish we had Cinnabon in Hong Kong!

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