Review: Seven Seas Worldwide Shipping

11 Mar

I guess many people would need to send a lot of things back home after studying a few years overseas, so I thought this might help some of you. This is my first time sending things back home after a year studying in Australia; I have never used these services before, but because the luggage allowance from Australia to Hong Kong is not enough, I had to do so. I wish the airline companies could upgrade the luggage allowance and permit 2 luggages, up to 40kg! Or maybe they should all have student tickets or special offer for students!

After some research, I decided to choose Seven Seas Worldwide, mainly because I have seen some good reviews about them and they have a Hong Kong office, though there were some bad reviews too. Anyway, I called their office in Australia to ask a few questions and to clarify things before I made an order. The man on the phone was pretty nice, although at some point, he sounded as if he wasn’t too sure. Luckily he gave me all the answers I want, and immediately after the phone call, I made a booking online. Please note that there is a 3% surcharge if you pay by credit card.

After paying the deposit, you will receive an email with your login details and password. That afternoon, I also received an e-mail and a text message telling me around what time they are coming to give me the free empty boxes.

They said they were going to come between 10:15am to 11:15am, and they were really on time, which gave me a good impression. The guy called me exactly at 10:15am and asked me to go downstairs to catch him. He was kind enough to bring the boxes to my room too. The big plastic bag came with 2 large cartons and 1 standard cartons, a clear file with all the documents that I have to fill in and sign, a marker, bubble wrap, and a roll of tape. One thing to note, if you have a lot of fragile items to send out, be sure to check with the staff if you can have extra bubble wraps, because they don’t give you a lot.

The big plastic bag with the boxes and everything else in it

The documents, the marker, the tape, the bubble wrap

Immediately after they sent me the empty boxes, I went online to choose the collection date. I was actually in a rush, because I am going to leave that Friday, and the Thursday before is a public holiday, so I want to make sure the boxes are picked up before Wednesday. I originally chose the next day (Tuesday) as my collection date; however they said the date wasn’t available, so I had to choose Wednesday instead. During this process, you just need to confirm your address again, and confirm the number of boxes to be collected.

I was planning to send 1 large carton only, but I also ordered a standard carton just in case I don’t have that much stuff to send out. They automatically gave me a spare large carton too. In the end, just as I expected, I only need 1 large carton, so I returned the empty boxes back to them in their original state, which they promised they would not charge you extra fee.

In order to send out your items, you have to fill in the inventory form, insurance form, payment options form. You also need to provide a copy of your passport and maybe a copy of your visa, depending on your destination. There is a total of 23 pages, but I didn’t find much difficulties filling in the forms, apart from the insurance part, which was a bit complicated.

The day before the collection, the company sent me an email and a text message again, informing me what time they are coming to pick up my box, and that they are going to call me to check the documents later that evening. At around 5:20pm, a staff from the company called to double check everything and go through the documents with me. The lady was very patient and explained things clearly, because I was a bit confused about the insurance form.

The packed large carton

On the pick-up day, the company told me they were coming between 11:15am to 12:15pm; the same guy who delivered my boxes called me at 12:15pm, which I still count that as in time, especially because it was a rainy day. In the documents, they said that customers have to have their parcels ready on the ground floor of our building, but I think they actually can help you carry the boxes, which was what the guy did. At this point, you just need to sign two documents, and you will receive a collection receipt too. One extra credit, Chris, the guy who picked up my boxes, was very nice and friendly.

To my surprise, they issued the invoice to me at midnight after the collection, and of course they sent me an email and a text message as usual. I chose to pay online, so I just need to log into my account and pay the remaining balance. At this point, I’m impressed with their service so far, and I’m happy that I settled everything before I leave Sydney, so now I just need to wait for the box to be shipped back to Hong Kong.


After I paid, I didn’t receive any news from the company. I logged in my account, and saw the transit status, it only showed an estimated arrival date and says that my shipment will be delivered to my destination approximately 2 weeks following the vessel arrival date. The information for vessel name, number and departure port didn’t show up; and when I pressed Global Tracking, it only showed the contact details for the China office, instead of telling me where my shipment is at the moment. I was slightly disappointed, because I used DHL’s shipping service once before and I was able to know where exactly my parcel went, which port they have arrived and when they left for another port.

Approximately 3 weeks after I paid, the company finally sent me an e-mail with all the shipping details, including the ship name, the container name and the estimated arrival date, so I was a bit relieved, knowing that at least my carton is still somewhere on its way to home.

2 days after the estimated arrival date, a man from the company called and told me that the parcel has arrived in Hong Kong and they will deliver it to me the next day. It arrived earlier than I thought, which was a good news, because there were a lot of things that I need inside the carton.

Carton arrived safely

Carton arrived safely back home

On the day, the delivery man called me to check if I was at home and he arrived 50 minutes earlier than expected time. I did not need to pay any extra fee, but just sign a document to confirm that I got the carton. The carton was not delivered by Seven Seas Worldwide but by Pedder Logistics Godown Ltd. It came back in its original status; I don’t think they opened it at all and everything inside was still in place.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with the service. I paid a total of AUD$209.50 (with total loss insurance) and it took approximately 6 weeks by sea from Sydney to Hong Kong.

2 Responses to “Review: Seven Seas Worldwide Shipping”

  1. at 4:45 AM #


    I just received all my items shipped from Singapore to the US.

    My TV is completely smashed and it is not because of the box because I used the exact same one from crown relocation which shipped this tv from HK to Singapore without a scratch!

    On top of that the items were supposed to arrive early September and we are now in November…

    What s more – the client service is just nonexistent..

    I have used a couple of shipping companies in the past and since my employer didn’t pay for it this time I decided to go cheap.. that was a huge mistake!

    Posted pictures of the broken TV on Geo Expat, they speak for themselves you are much better off using a reputable company even if more expensive Seven seas is simply a SCAM!!!

  2. miles at 8:59 AM #

    My Shipping Experience – Seven Seas (BAD)
    I’ve recently arrived in Malaysia and I wanted to share my shipping experience with you – Its not good news stories!

    I didn’t have a lot of stuff to ship out – it was mostly clothes, various bits and bobs (books, ornaments, CD’s, bedding etc.)

    I chose to use Seven Seas. Reviews on here were OK (there were no horror stories at least!).

    It was an incredibly easy process. They send you boxes, you fill them up and then arrange a pick up. They give you a 1 hour pick up window the evening before. I didn’t have any issues with them coming late or not turning up.

    They advertise that it will take approx 60 days for your boxes to reach malaysia from UK

    Taking advice from on here I ensured I did not pack any Valuables as the all got stolen!. I also marked the box which had shoes and trainers (which i packed together). The boxes have been opened (not by customs).

    Everything of value had been taken and the just dump the rest back in box. value more than £5k

    The real problem started when try claim the show no interest at all no one came to me house to look at the stuff or to show any support. i got one email and all they interested in was weather or had insurance or not, no human care at all

    It was a painful and inefficient service and I would definitely NOT recommend them for anyone bringing a small or large load over with them.

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