Restaurant Review: Cafe Corridor, Causeway Bay

29 Feb

Met up with one of my best friends on Sunday for brunch, and she chose Cafe Corridor at Causeway Bay.  The cafe is right opposite Times Square, but it’s not easy to spot its entrance. It’s a pretty small cafe with limited tables. When we got there at around 1:30pm, there was only one table left at the corner. This cafe is famous for its coffee, but I don’t drink coffee, so I just ordered a set of All Day Breakfast.

All Day Breakfast@Cafe Corridor

All Day Breakfast

It comes with scrambled egg, hash brown with ketchup, cocktail sausages, bread with a small piece of butter and some salad. The presentation was good; the smiley face on the hash brown was really cute, and I like how mine was different from my friend’s. The scrambled egg was good, not too dry. The cocktail sausages weren’t exciting, just those you can easily get from the supermarket and cook yourself. I particularly like the bread, it’s slightly toasted and it’s not just ordinary plain white bread, there’s herbs in it. For me, the salad dressing was a bit sour, but other than that, everything else was good.

Not the best brunch ever, but I like the environment, the food presentation and the service. If you want to have brunch somewhere else in Causeway Bay, Home at Caroline Hill Road is another good choice too. It’s also a small cafe with limited seats. Their staff are very nice and polite, and it’s a great place to sit and relax. Try their lunch set or their Full Day Breakfast.

Environment: 8/10 (Pretty small and a bit crowded, but still feel comfortable)

Service: 9/10 (The staff were very nice and polite)

Food:  8.5/10 (Pretty nice brunch)

Overall: A nice place to revisit again during non-rush hours.

Address: G/F, 26A Russel Street, Causeway Bay

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