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Review: February 2012 Glossybox

16 Feb

UPDATE (18/2): GlossyBox has announced on its website and Facebook page that they are going to delay the launch of the service. 

I first heard about the GlossyBox and other similar beauty box subcriptions through Youtube. Recently when I was reading some Hong Kong-based blogs, I realized that we can now subscribe to these beauty boxes in Hong Kong too. I was so excited about it, so after doing some research, I decided to order the GlossyBox.

I won’t say I’m super interested in cosmetics and beauty trends, but since I started watching beauty videos on YouTube, I became more aware of these new or popular products in the market. I will get excited when I watch the reviews and videos, but I don’t actually buy them. However, the idea of receiving a GlossyBox each month for just HKD$120 is tempting. Since it’s easy to cancel my subscription any time I want, I think it would be great to at least give it a try and see if I would like the products sent to me.

The company gave me a good impression before I got my first GlossyBox. Due to some technical problems, my profile showed that I have ordered 2 GlossyBox, one completed order and one processing order, so I sent the company an e-mail asking them to check the problem for me. The following evening, a staff from their team replied me and apologized for the confusion and any inconvenience caused.

Finally on Valentine’s Day morning, I got a call from the delivery company, Yamato Transport, and he asked when I would be home to collect my GlossyBox. I was out at that time and I wasn’t sure if the security office would be willing to keep it for me, so I told him he could give it a try, if not he could come over later that afternoon. He kindly said he would do as I suggested. An hour later, he called me again to let me know he left my GlossyBox at the security office and reminded me to pick it up when I get home. He was very polite, nice and responsible, not like other delivery men I have encountered in the past. Although the service was good, it might be a bit inconvenient for those who work and couldn’t have their box sent to their office or have someone to collect their box for them at home; so for those who have the above situation, better see if they deliver during off-hours or weekends.

It comes in a greyish cardboard delivery box, with the word GLOSSYBOX and their logo in pink printed on it. It’s fun to tear off the strip to open the box, it’s like unwrapping a Christmas present. Inside is the bright pink box, it’s so cute and adorable; I think I should keep it and use it as a storage box. Everything was so nicely packed and wrapped that I felt the need to unwrap it with extra care, so that I don’t ruin it.

Delivery box and the actual Glossybox

Grey cardboard delivery box (Left) Pink box (Right)

Pink Box and Pink Envelope

Nicely packed pink box with a pink envelope 

It comes with a pink envelope which includes a card with all the product description and some coupons. Apart from the Leonidas’ free chocolate sample coupon, I’m not really interested in the other ones. Or maybe if I like Apivita’s products, I will use that coupon.

Product Description & Coupons

The envelope with the product description and coupons

Products inside February Glossybox

[Above from left to right]
Apivita Intensive Hydrating Mask with Cucumber
Apivita Organic Lip Care with Honey 

[Below from left to right]
Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche
Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche
Clarins Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
Premier Aromatic Body Butter

I have never tried any of the brands before, but I have heard most of them, except Premier. I’m interested in Apivita’s products, but have never taken the initiative to try their products; it’s exciting that they included a full-size lip balm as I am planning to get a new lip balm soon. I am also looking forward to trying their masks too. I think we all know that Clarins is a luxury brand, so I don’t think I can afford to buy their products, but it’s great to see their sample included. As for the hair products, they smell good; however both are for highlighted or sensitised, colour-treated hair, so they might not be suitable for me. Lastly the body butter, it doesn’t sound very attractive to me.

Well, I have to say, when compared to the beauty boxes I have seen online, this February GlossyBox isn’t up to my expectation, especially when we are all expecting a bit more for the Valentine’s special edition. As you can see from their Facebook page, many people were very upset with the products and I guess the company would be losing some customers, as they have other subscriptions to choose from. Their staff also didn’t do a great job when they tried to respond to their customers’ complaints, particularly when one of their staff posted a long comment, trying to explain the whole thing.

For me, I am a bit disappointed, not really because of the product size, instead it’s because it seems like everyone is receiving the same products. I remember completing the beauty profile on their website, so I thought they would be giving us products according to our skin type and preference; so hopefully they would have a wider range of products to match different people in the future. The other reason why I am disappointed is because I personally like the brands and the products in the January box better; I really want to try the Becca Beach Tint, Moroccan Oil and Bliss’ products.

I understand they just started off their business in Hong Kong and I think they will try to improve, especially after all those negative comments on their Facebook page. I’m still happy with the brands they work with, so I would order the March GlossyBox and give it another try before I decide whether I would unsubscribe or not. Hopefully it does a better job next time.

P.S. Product reviews will be up after I have tried them.

  • Apivita Intensive Hydrating Mask with Cucumber:
    I really like this hydrating mask! It’s a cream mask with a hint of refreshing cucumber scent. I applied a thick layer on my face and left it for 10 mins. After washing off the mask, my skin feels very hydrated, nourished and smooth.