Day 2@Auckland, New Zealand

9 Feb

Early in the morning, I went to the City Farmer’s Market in the centre of Auckland’s Britomart precinct. There weren’t a lot of stalls there and it was a bit quiet. They were mainly food stalls, selling street food, bread, fruits and vegetables. Nothing much special when compared to Sydney’s weekend markets, so I just hang around for a while and left without buying anything.

City's Farmers' Market

City Farmers’ Market

Then I went down to Quay Street and walked towards Auckland’s Fish Market. I ended up at a few different locations, the Princes Wharf and the Viaduct Events Centre where they were holding the Auckland Seafood Festival. There were a lot of people lining outside to join the Festival, but I wasn’t too interested in paying NZD$20 to enter, so I just walked along the Waterfront. Found this interesting place at Wynyard Quarter where they have a kids’ playspace, some interesting buildings and a small market with a few stalls selling food, clothing and accessories. Definitely should visit this place and walk around!

Interesting advertisement

An interesting ad at Princes Wharf

Wynyard Quarter

Wynyard Quarter

Silo Park

Interesting buildings and art works at Silo Park

Wind Tree

Public Art: Wind Tree

Dockline Tram

Dockline Tram

Originally I planned to grab lunch at the Fish Market, however nothing really attracted me. I really miss the crowded Sydney Fish Market. One place worth visiting at the Fish Market though, it’s the little grocery place where they were free tasting. At last, I ended up buying a pork sausage roll at one of the food stalls at Silo Park, which was pretty good. It came with a pork sausage, aioli, carmelized onion and ketchup.

Auckland's Fish Market

Auckland Fish Market

Pork Sausage Roll

Pork sausage roll (NZD$7.80)

Then I sat down under the sun, lying on the grass, eating my pork sausage roll and wrote some postcards.

After that, I started wandering around, I ended up at Victoria Park first and then Victoria Park Market, which I believe hasn’t really completely re-opened yet.

Later I headed towards Auckland Art Gallery, a nice place to spend some time there, especially to enjoy some artworks by local kiwi.

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery

After that I went to Albert Park for a walk and walked around the campus of University of Auckland nearby; at last I reached Beach Road then back to Queen Street.

Albert Park

Albert Park

University of Auckland

University of Auckland’s campus

On the way back to my hotel, I got some more postcards, bought a box of sushi for NZD$5, which was okay, and a peanut brownie cookie from Mrs Higgins. It was good, just wasn’t that special, it’s basically a brownie in the shape of a cookie.


Sushi (NZD$5)

Mrs Higgins' Peanut Brownie Cookie

Mrs Higgins’ peanut brownie cookie (NZD$1.80)

One Response to “Day 2@Auckland, New Zealand”

  1. Carole February 26, 2012 at 9:36 AM #

    Great blog. I also liked the Wynyard Quarter a lot. If you are looking for a quirky little restaurant slightly off the beaten track in Newmarket I suggest Market Kitchen and Bar. i blogged about it here

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