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Snack Review: Arnott Shapes Aussie BBQ Meat Lovers

29 Jan

Arnott’s Shapes are my favourite childhood snacks, so I get really excited when they are on sale at $5 for 3 boxes. However what surprised me was seeing this Aussie BBQ Meat Lovers flavour. I have never seen them before, and on its packaging, it says that it’s only at Coles, so I’m not sure if this is a new flavour/product or not.

Arnott's Shapes Aussie BBQ Meat Lovers Flavour

Arnott’s Shapes Aussie BBQ Meat Lovers AUD$5 for 3


The unique shape actually caught my eyes, I think they are so cute! The flavour isn’t really that special, just the taste of tomato powder with a hint of bacon, but I like how it is not too meaty, if that makes sense. I tried Smith’s crispy bacon flavoured chips months ago, and they were too “meaty” with the very strong bacon flavour.

I actually love all the flavours, but if I have to pick some of my favourites, it would be Sensations Tomato & Chilli,  Sensations Lime & Chilli with Poppy Seeds, BBQ and Pizza. I still need to try out their Roadies collection, only tried Peri-Peri Chicken flavour, which I didn’t really like that much.