Childhood memories

13 Jan

Today I decided to visit a place that reminds me of my childhood! Had a really long walk around the suburb and ended up having blisters on my feet! Luckily I had a great time revisiting some places I have been to when I was young, and happy to find that things haven’t changed a lot.

Local bakery

Local bakery at Padstow

Egg, bacon and cheese meat pie

Egg, bacon and cheese meat pie (AUD$3.20)

I have totally forgotten about the meat pie with an egg on the top! I remember the day when my mom bought me this meat pie for breakfast before heading on the train, I was super happy and satisfied, and I think this was the best meat pie I have ever had! Today when I walked pass this local bakery, I suddenly remember the meat pie, and rushed into the bakery and found that they still have it. I can’t be 100% sure it’s still the same bakery, but I still had the “Wow” face after eating the whole meat pie! It’s delicious and I still like the egg! Wish someone in Hong Kong knew how to make real meat pie like this!

Banana milk

Banana flavoured reduced fat milk (AUD$1.70)

I love banana flavoured milk when I was young, and chocolate flavoured milk too! I think that Moove was one of the brands I used to buy, but I think my taste has changed, because I didn’t like it. It has a very strong plastic smell and taste, don’t know if it’s the plastic bottle or what, and it doesn’t have a a hint of banana flavour, not even artificial banana flavour! I just didn’t like it. Maybe I’m no longer a little kid…

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