Share a Coke Australia

30 Dec

Not sure if you have heard of this advertising/marketing campaign by Coca-Cola Australia; it’s pretty massive here in Sydney. I have seen people posting their customized Coke on their Facebook, or updating their status saying how they finally found a bottle of Coke with their name on it.

It’s rare, at least to my own knowledge, for the Coca-Cola company to do such a massive campaign. They do a lot of advertising campaigns, but definitely not like this one. They are giving out free 200ml Coke and having kiosks at several locations, which means lots of effort put in. The kiosks where you can create your customized Coke have been around for some time; however, I didn’t have the time to visit one of them. Finally they are back in a nearby Westfield shopping center, so I decided to get a customized one for my little brother.

Share a Coke Australia

It wasn’t a very long queue, I waited for like 20 – 25 minutes. Didn’t know what to expect when I was queuing, but when I finally got closer to the kiosk, I was a bit disappointed to find out they are just putting red stickers on the can. However, the red sticker isn’t very visible, it looks as if it was printed on the can. Mine wasn’t done perfectly, but I was pretty satisfied with it.

One thing I wasn’t really impressed is their service. The first thing is that their staff had their own personal belongings inside one of the cabinets, which was visible to all of the customers, right next to the queue. So I saw a staff finishing work, getting out her bag, taking off her work T-shirt and putting on her own T-shirt. Well, I think that’s not a good thing to do in front of all your customers, right?! And I also saw the staff, who was in charge of the sticker machine, getting his lip balm while there was a long queue waiting for their customized Coke. Their service isn’t up to the standard, not what I would have expected from the company.

The another thing was the whole atmosphere. Nothing exciting there, the staff didn’t seem to be that friendly and fun. They were not very organized too; there were two sticker machines, but most of the time only one was in use, because the other staff had to get Coke out of the cabinets. That staff was even a bit pissed off when people were inside the kiosk, but no one ever told us not to go inside the kiosk while waiting in line.

Not sure if it’s because it’s nearly the end of the campaign or whatsoever; I think they could have done better, they should have made more use of social media and online media. They could have asked people to hold their cans and take photos in front of the kiosks, and immediately upload them to the official facebook page. I’m sure they are a lot of people willing to do that. And of course, they could have better customer service, even though we are not paying for what we get.

Not sure if the campaign result is really that good, but I’m certain they are burning off their money!

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