Snack Review: Kraft’s Vegemite Cheesybite

20 Nov

Vegemite Cheesybite

So I’m finally back in Hong Kong for holiday, and opened my jar of Vegemite Cheesybite I bought earlier. Well, I have to say I like the original Vegemite more. When I first opened the jar, the Vegemite Cheesybite looks like chocolate mousse, which seems to look better than original one. However, I didn’t really like the taste, because it’s just a mild version of the original Vegemite and you cannot taste the cream cheese or any cheesy flavour at all. I asked my dad for his opinion too, he said exactly the same thing as I did, we both prefer the original Vegemite much more. Of course, my mom didn’t like it as usual, and she kept saying it’s still the same Vegemite flavour.

If you love the original Vegemite, I don’t think you would like this Vegemite Cheesybite. However, if you have never tried Vegemite before or you don’t like the original one, you might wanna try this one, as the flavour is more mild and the colour looks better.


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