Review: Yes to Carrots, Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

11 Nov

It’s my first time using Yes to Carrots’ products. I saw a lot of people saying good things about their products, saying their products are mostly natural and the effects are good. I was running out of facial cleanser, and couldn’t get the one I was using in Australia, so I decided to get their facial cleanser and give it try.

Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

Yes to Carrots’ Daily Cream Facial Cleanser (AUD$11.99)

Description: Smooth, richly creamy and decadent no, we’re not talking about chocolate!– the Yes To Carrots Cream Cleanser gently cleanses and nourishes your beautiful skin. 96% natural and made with organic carrots, aloe vera and shea butter, it is the “cream” of the crop in facial cleansing luxury. So go on, go decadent, you deserve it!

The Yes To company has different brands, and I think the Yes to Carrots fit my skin the best, because my skin occasionally gets a bit dry, so I want something more moisturizing. I think the product is doing a good job keeping my skin hydrated after each usage and refreshed, but other than that, the product doesn’t do anything else. Well, I think it’s good enough, because that’s what it claims to do. I’m used to using foaming facial cleanser, and was expecting foams when I first used it; but I completely forgot it’s a creamy facial cleanser. After using for nearly 2 months, I actually like the creamy texture.

Not sure if I’m going to repurchase it or not, I might want to try out new products. Anyway, two points to note though when you buy the product. It’s more expensive to get it in Australia. According to the company’s official website, it’s only USD7.99, so it’s so much cheaper in the US. Another thing is, remember to compare prices before you get them in Australia, the prices vary greatly, I found it really expensive at Coles.


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