Restaurant Review: Paris Seafood Cafe, La Perouse

6 Nov

Fish and chips@Paris Seafood Cafe

Special Meal: 1 fillet of fish and chips with salad (AUD$12.5)

My friend has been raving about their fish and chips for a long time, and said that they are the best fish and chips ever. She is leaving Sydney tonight, so we decided to go there for a try. We had a really long bus ride, because we first went to Bondi Beach in the morning. Oh, we had really delicious Butterscotch Gelato at Papa Giovanni there. Anyway, back to Paris Seafood Cafe. It was my first time at La Perouse, it is a pretty nice place, the beach was crowded with kids. I will definitely revisit when the weather is good.

As for the fish and chips, well I won’t say it’s the best fish and chips ever. It’s very good, especially the portion is pretty big and the price is reasonable. I couldn’t even finish my salad. If you don’t like deep-fried batter, then Paris Seafood Cafe is the place for you. Their fish is still crispy, but you are not eating too much batter. However, I didn’t like their chips very much, a bit too thin and over-fried. The garden salad was okay, would be better if it had more dressings and a pinch of salt and pepper. If you like tartare sauce, ask the staff for it, they will give you a whole bottle of tartare sauce. It is not the best tartare sauce, but you don’t need to pay extra money for the sauce and can have as much as you like.

My other 2 places for fish and chips must be Bondi Surf Seafood at Bondi Beach ( and Quay Seafood at Circular Quay. I like to order their lunch special for 2 at Bondi Surf Seafood to share with my friend, and I love their chips with chicken salt! You can also try their deep-fried Mars Bar there too! Quay Seafood does really good fish and chips too, don’t forget to try their octopus salad!

Environment: 8/10 (Love to sit outside under the sun, not super comfy though)

Service: 8.5/10 (Pretty helpful and nice)

Food: 8/10 (Large portion at reasonable price)

Overall: Can’t say it’s the best fish and chips ever, but they are good. The location is a bit far away, but the area is really nice. Their chips and salad need a little bit of improvement though.

Address: 51 Endeavour Ave, La Perouse, NSW 2036

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