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Restaurant Review: Nando’s, Broadway

3 Oct


PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ICON!!! I have to say this is the best chicken I have ever had at a fast food restaurant! So much better than KFC and Oporto (I was so disappointed by their Bondi burger)!

Mild whole chicken

Peri peri chips

Whole Chicken (Mild), Seriously Large Chips, and a 1.25L Coke (AUD$21.95)

I completely underestimated the size of the chicken. I told my friend half a chicken each would be fine, but seriously, I think the combo can be shared among 3 – 4 people! The portion of the chips was SERIOUSLY LARGE! Literally a mountain of chips, my friend kept saying that it looked as if we didn’t eat much even though we kept on munching the chips. The peri peri fries were so good and the chicken was PERFECT! Super tender, even for the chicken breast. It wasn’t too spicy, just right for me. This meal was too much for me and my friend BUT definitely going there again for some chicken and fries!

Environment: 8/10 (Not the most comfortable place, but okay as a fast food restaurant)

Service: 7.5/10 (The girl at the cashier gave us a menu when we were looking at the big menu above. Basically it’s like a self-served one, you get your own cutlery, napkins and sauce while they bring you the food)

Food: 9.5 /10 (The chicken tastes so good and tender, and I love the peri peri chips!)

Overall: The best chicken ever! Love the peri-peri fries seasoning!

Address: Broadway S/C Shop L225, 1 Bay St Glebe, 2007

Official Website: