Restaurant Review: Jones the Grocer, Woollahra

10 Jun

Jones the Grocer

My friend and I went to Jones the Grocer at Woollahra on a weekday. There weren’t a lot of people there at around 2:30pm, just 2 or 3 tables.

Jones the Grocer

Once you enter Jones the Grocer, the left hand side is the grocery store, where they sell a range of food products, like seasonings, drinks and snacks. They even have a fromagerie at the back of the store. The center of the store is where they display their bread and cakes, and also where they take customers’ orders and make their coffee and tea. The right hand side is the cafe, where people can sit down and enjoy their meal.

BLT on Turkish

I ordered a BLT on Turkish (AUD$12). The bread was crispy; inside there were tomatoes, lettuces and bacon.  I just added a pinch of salt and black pepper before I ate it. Very delicious! I also like how they presented the sandwich. As for my friend, she ordered the vegetable wrap (AUD$12) and liked it too.



On its menu, it says that kitchen order is until 3pm on Mon to Fri, and until 4pm on Sat; so don’t come too late if you wanna try their daily specials, sandwiches or other hot dishes.
(P.S. I don’t remember the time for Sun though…)

Environment: 9/10 (Comfortable and quiet)
Service: 8/10 (Not enough people serving customers, but the staff were nice and friendly)
Food: 8.5/10 (Tasty)

Overall: Jones the Grocer is a really nice and quiet place to spend an afternoon chilling out. Their food is pretty delicious too.

Address: 68 Moncur Street, Woollahra Sydney NSW 2025

Official website:

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